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Roger Konopasek

Transformational Leadership Catalyst

Transformational Leadership and Conscious Leadership. Breaking the mold of the classical one-way keynote address Roger creates an intense, energizing dialogue with the audience by asking questions of his audience. These questions allow the audience to get fully involved and energized to analyze their current thinking and awareness patterns about leadership. Having been transported from passive listening to active involvement in the process of discovering ideas and strategies that will truly work for them the audience becomes fully energized to take action and create a totally new level of results for themselves.
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Based in Singapore, but born in Graz, Austria, Roger Konopasek has worked hand in hand with top executives in several of the globally most recognized companies such as HP, Philips, Dell, Citibank supporting their leaders to create measurable accelerated rates of change in the teams. Re-shaping the way managers lead teams of highly bought-in individuals who fully align themselves with the company’s purpose and goals. Roger specializes in working with dynamic enterprises living through periods of rapid and significant change: companies that are growing, downsizing, restructuring, or moving into a new phase of their development.


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