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Robin Sieger

Top Motivational Business Speaker and Best Selling Author

- The Key Drivers Effecting Change in Today's Market Place
- Creativity and Innovation
- Managing Change
- Peak Performance
- Creating a Success Culture
Robin Sieger knows how to keep an audience on the edge of their seats by using humor and an unmatched story-telling-tempo that leaves audiences feeling courageous and euphoric about winning. His talks are frank, funny, emotive and intellectually challenging.
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World-class reputation as a conference keynoter who passionately delivers high impact presentations that are informative, inspiring and entertaining. Robin’s humour and ability to connect emotionally with audiences has seen him become the first choice speaker at major conferences for some of the world’s most successful companies. A businessman, best selling author, and a leading success strategist Robin has developed a reputation within media and circles as a peak performance ‘guru’, in both business and sport. He divides his time between homes in the UK and USA.


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  • “The keynote speakers were of exceptionally high calibre. All 4 speakers: Edward De Bono, Robin Sieger, Brian Nennett and AndreyZarur were very well received with De Bono and Sieger being praised by 95% of respondents.”
  • “The matter-of-factness and simplicity of your message and the mix of humour and sincerity in your delivery really consolidated the direction of the conference.”
  • “Your 90 minute presentation ’Inspirational Thinking for Success’ far exceeded our expectation and left a lasting impression and a tangible result. Your contribution created buzz and excitement in the discussions between participants afterwards”
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