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Matt Crabtree

Positive Momentum

Matt speaks about Leadership, Sales, Motivation and Change from the perspective of a practitioner. He has sat where your audience are sitting and understands that flowery slides and academic theory, whilst terribly interesting, are of little use on a wet Wednesday afternoon in a local office with a stacked inbox, series of boring conference calls and a to do list that seems to be breeding of its own accord!

Matt will engage your audience in a discussion about their real world challenges and offer deeply practical and proven solutions to these most mundane of issues. He will do this with energy, humour and a deep respect for those he is privileged to speak to.
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Based in the UK, Matt Crabtree is the founder and principal partner of Positive Momentum. Through a carefully contrived strategy of luck, sycophancy and outright bribery, Matt enjoyed a sales and general management corporate career with the likes of Pitney Bowes, AT&T and Barclays Bank. Today he travels the world working with clients that want to take their sales, leadership and/or motivational game to the next level. He speaks at conferences, provides one to one coaching and runs selective training workshops.


  •  Innovation, Differenzierung
  •  Management, Strategie, Führung
  •  Marketing, Vertrieb
  •  Zukunft, Trend


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  •  Leadership
  •  Management
  •  Motivation
  •  Respekt
  •  Sales
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  •  Wandel
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