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Geoff Ramm

Inspiring Audiences Around The World

Celebrity Service: You know your customer service is good, but then along came Celebrity Service - the unseen gap between Good and Amazing. From room service in South Africa, visiting a toy shop in London, to trying on clothes in New York, Celebrity Service is the philosophy that changes everything in your business creating incredible word of mouth that has customers beating down your door for more. This keynote and master class will not only inspire you and your audience but will have you scribbling ideas down to generate unlimited ideas to stand out from the competition.

OMG - Observational Marketing Greats: From the greatest business cards on earth to promotional materials that defy the national response rates, see how brands of all shapes and sizes stand can out from the crowd. Discover the marketing campaigns that generate amazing publicity and how they excite & engage audiences throughout the world with their social media and marketing strategies.
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Geoff is a multi-award winning marketing speaker, based in the United Kingdom. He has keynoted to rave business reviews throughout Europe, South Africa, North America, and the Middle East. Renowned as "the Billy Connolly of marketing", he inspires and entertains diverse audiences, from entrepreneurs to corporate clients, with his fast-paced, highly interactive sessions. Working with high profile clients across industries Geoff has launched start-up enterprises without a budget, created marketing ideas which have become legend, and marketed global giants including Honda, TATA, Toyota, SAGE, Tiger Brands and Chrysler.


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