CSP, Speaker Hall of Fame Frank Furness




CSP, Speaker Hall of Fame Frank Furness

Sales and Technology speaker


– Sales Intelligence – Strategies for the Modern Company and Salesperson
– Walking with Tigers – success secrets of the world’s top sales people
– You can’t sell a Porsche if You Cycle to Work
– New Media Marketing:
We have seen huge changes in the sales & marketing process over the years. It started with relationship selling, then moved on to solution selling. Following this was process selling, but the internet changed all that. Now the buyer is in control, they rarely have time for relationships, already know our product, services and costs, so don’t need us to give them a solution.
– Managing Disruptive Change:
The world is changing and so is the way we do business. We need to keep pace with disruptive change and how to adapt to the new and exciting opportunities available by implementing practical strategies. This keynote will explore the challenges and opportunities facing businesses right now. This a totally practical session and delegates will leave with many ideas that they can apply to their business immediately.
Frank Furness, CSP, is an internationally sought after motivational speaker. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has inspired audiences all around the world. He is a specialist in sales, technology, social media and goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations. He currently spends seventy percent of his time speaking internationally, working in sixty-two countries. He has presented at Entrepreneurs University, Harvard Alumni, Kenan-Flager Business School and his clients include the British Olympic Team, The Professional Cricketers Association, Sporting Champions and Sport England.

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"Thank you for a job well done in Budapest. You will no doubt be pleased to hear you were rated the top speaker out of the 18 speakers. In the comments section the respondents wrote the following: motivational, very good, and relevant to all and: “it underlined the importance of people in the organisation”.
Anneke Brinkhuis
European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC) - Brussels
"CEO level delegates attending the inaugural Abacus International Online Travel Leaders Retreat rated Frank Furness as one of the most appreciated contributors at the event held in Macau. His presentation not only provided thought provoking new perspectives for online Travel Agencies, the delegates attending felt that many of the tactics and techniques for online marketing could be implemented almost immediately. We greatly appreciated Frank’s contribution to the Retreat and with its sound mix of robust thinking and practical advice and would welcome him as a presenter at our events in the future."
Robert Bailey
President and CEO, Abacus International Pte Ltd
"Thank you for making another inspiring talk – the feedback has been amazing, everybody loved listening to you."
Annick Devillard
Director, The Rooster
"Frank is one of the top sales presenters in the world and he delivered his high content, high impact, high value presentation with his usual eloquence, expertise, and enterprising nature."
Dave Rogers
APSA, Singapore
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