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Hall of Fame Toni Newman

The Innovation Advantage


Dare 2b Different
Attract, Keep and Engage More Customers More Often
Everyday Innovators
How great Leaders turn Inspiration into Innovation and Ideas into Results
Why? Why Not!
Because a missed idea is a missed opportunity to make a difference
Toni Newman is a five-time award winning business owner and founder of The Innovation Advantage – a company that works with organizations worldwide to design innovative, experience-driven business strategies that drive more customers, more revenue and more growth. Strategies that not only differentiate organizations from their competition but that also significantly strengthen their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Toni has been speaking to businesses on strategic innovation as a competitive advantage since 1998 and is a member of the Speaking Hall of Fame.

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“To put it mildly, the day we spent with Toni was as energizing and motivating as anything I have ever experienced in my career. Her messaging was consistent with our objectives because she took the time to learn about our business. The impact on our management team was tremendous and our teams have responded with a strong push to not only be better than our competition but to be better and different.”
Vice-President, Commercial Operations, AmerisourceBergen Canada
“Toni, I believe that the message and the content that you deliver is relevant and timely to business more today than ever! What you add to the message is an energy level that drives the point home and has the message live on well beyond the conference…and that is the real value of what you bring to any organization.”
Director of Sales, Shnier, Gesco Ltd.
“It is clear to me that you’re doing the most significant work in your area of anyone in North America… and perhaps beyond.”
Donald Cooper
International management consultant and business speaker
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