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CSP Doug Stevenson

Tell a story - change a life

Inspiring opening, luncheon, closing and after dinner keynotes for your upcoming meeting or conference. Witness the power of strategic storytelling to lead, influence, persuade, and change hearts and minds. Learn how to find stories that work, how to craft them for maximum impact and how to deliver them in a compelling way.
Make Your Point Stick
Selling with Stories
Story Branding Your Point
Influence, Inspire, Persuade
The Power to Persuade
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Based in Colorado, USA, Doug Stevenson is THE expert on storytelling in business. He is the creator of The Story Theater Method and has shared his passion for storytelling in business mastery all over the world. What makes Doug unique is his ability to mesmerize you with his storytelling mastery and then take you behind the curtain to teach you how his storytelling technolgy works. In this keynote or training, Doug share stories about going streaking in Hollywood, getting stuck in O' Hare airport purgatory and learning a powerful lesson in leadership from a wise CEO. With 12 years in real estate, 20 years as a professional actor in Chicago, Hollywood and Denver and another 20 years speaking, Doug mixes practical sales, marketing and leadership experience with his theatrical talent to create entertaining and powerful programs that inspire his audiences to get back to work with renewed enthusiasm. With high energy and humor, he shares memorable stories from his amazing life journey.


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