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CSP, CPAE Dan Thurmon

World-class performer and motivational expert delivers serious content, along with a seriously entertaining experience!

Success in Action: Dan's flagship keynote program has inspired and propelled thousands of individuals to achieve greater results in the midst of change. Are demands for your time and performance making it difficult to focus on what you are trying to achieve? Dan will help you regain control of your accelerated life. Success in Action is an inspirational program that teaches and illustrates personal management of multiple responsibilities. You can do more than you think you can, and during this presentation you will learn how to accomplish more of your important tasks in less time with precision, confidence and satisfaction! Off Balance On Purpose: Maintaining your balance in today's off-balance world is never ending challenge. That's why Dan tells you to give up trying to live your life "on balance," and start living Off Balance On Purpose.
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Entrepreneurial Background: Dan's personal journey is as unique as his presentation style. He began his entrepreneurial career entertaining crowds at eleven years old, and learned fundamental lessons about business, performance excellence, and discipline. Throughout his lifetime, Dan has risen to the top of his profession by building businesses and developing vast networks of raving fans, loyal clients, and partners. He knows what it takes to employ and lead a talented team. Education & Experience: Dan grew his business while paying his way through college at the University of Georgia. He earned a degree in Marketing and Management, graduating with honors. He has also extensively studied Personal Development, authored two books, and developed a unique methodology he teaches to audiences and clients. He has achieved the highest honors in his industry, including induction into the prestigious Speakers Hall of Fame.


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